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Monday, June 22, 2015

News...and Other Stuff

Yes, I am! After seven years, I am going back home for a visit. Well, not HOME home, because that's Florida, and my Dear Husband and I are headed for Wisconsin (I know at least one of our stitchers is there!). Our very, very dear friends have actually bought us plane tickets to come to them for July 4th. They have been going through some very hard times and severe illness, and they decided it was time we all got together. Amazing! Please remember my friends in your prayers, and please pray for safe travel!

I will only be gone for 12 days, and I am stitching like mad, trying to get Maxim Number Two out to you before I leave. The above photo should give you a clue!

This trip was a totally unexpected surprise, and we are scrambling to make it happen. Would you believe that yesterday afternoon I decided to have a toothache? I am on my way to the dentist in about five minutes. Good grief! And we leave in the wee, wee hours of Thursday morning. It's always something! We had to hurry and renew my husband's passport. I thought I was going to need a tetanus shot for scraping my leg on rusty barbed wire. I was on the computer late last night, manically looking for the perfect carry-on bag/purse which could be delivered to the Northern Highlands in one day. Thank goodness for Amazon!

So, we are on over-drive here at the moment. When we do leave, we will have a 4 - 5 hour drive to the airport, then the long-haul flight from Edinburgh to Chicago, and a short flight to northern Wisconsin. I am taking AFR podcasts on my MP3 player that I don't have yet (it's coming with my travel bag), and my husband is, too. We shall do our best to keep steeped in the faith as we travel. Needless to say, Fr Thomas' podcasts are coming with us!

Please keep us in your prayers... and I should be back one or two more times before I leave. 

Many blessings to you all!
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  1. Wow Stacey! I had to read that twice to make sure you were actually coming here, to Wisconsin! How exciting! I live just north of Milwaukee, in southeastern Wisconsin. We belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. Will you be able to attend an Orthodox Church while here? I am praying for your days leading up to the trip and of course safe travels.


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