Welcome to the Orthodox Stitcher! Here you will find original, handcrafted cross stitch designs created with the Orthodox Christian in mind. The Orthodox Stitcher is an extension of Fearn Abbey Needleworks, where you will find more original cross stitch designs coming to you from the beautiful Northern Highlands of Scotland. My hope for The Orthodox Stitcher is that this will be a unique and blessed place for Orthodox Christians ~ and indeed, anyone who feels called to visit and stay awhile ~ to develop their creative side, and to honor God. Glory to God for all things!


Much of the art and design you see on this blog is a labor of love and given to you absolutely free. It is my attempt to glorify God and share Christ with those who visit. If you particularly feel called to generosity, though, and wish to give money for anything you take or share, please make your donation to Ancient Faith Radio. AFR is an internet-based Orthodox ministry which is worldwide. They offer 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year talk radio, music radio, podcasts, and blogs, all by and for Orthodox Christians, and for those interested in Orthodoxy. You can visit them HERE. And you can donate right on this blog via Paypal! Thank you so much for giving generously.

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About Me

Thank you so much for stopping by this blog. You will probably notice there are links to other places around the web where I can be found. And if you're interested, by all means, browse around!

I am a 50-something Orthodox Christian married to my darling Scots husband. We live in the FAR NORTH of the Scottish Highlands...but I am originally from Florida. Yes -- major culture shock! I've been here eight years, and I'm still struggling.

And yet, life is full and God is good. I have always had an artistic / musical bent, all my life, and this has manifested in various ways throughout the years. Most of my adult life, I have worked in some capacity as a teacher. Since moving to Scotland, my wonderful husband has encouraged me to focus on my arts, crafts, and music, and I now have a little cottage industry in which I do just that.

Fearn Abbey Needleworks is the umbrella business, and everything else is a branch of that. The Orthodox Stitcher is in the process of coming to life (as of Spring 2015), and is something that I have thought and prayed about for quite some time. Here I hope to create and share with you cross stitch and needlework designs that are an outpouring of my Orthodox faith. If you do needlework, you know it is a time-intensive process. Please be patient with me as I design, develop, and stitch. It takes a lot of work and time. And your prayers are appreciated!

Life for us here in the Scottish Highlands is not typical. We are rather isolated, far from family and many of our friends. We try to live a clean, wholesome life; focus on our faith; create and make and build. In a nutshell, it's about faith, marriage, work, home, our little flock of sheep, and my ever-evolving cottage industry.

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you enjoy my designs as they come into being! +


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  2. Maria, I am looking forward to chatting! Please email me via the EMAIL button on the sidebar. God bless! ~Stacey

  3. Okay, so sometimes I am not very technologically savvy. I accidentally removed the content of a LOVELY comment on this page. I can't seem to get it back. Fortunately, I have it in email form, so I am reposting it as the original commenter did (sorry, Maria!):

    Stacy, I just listened to your interview on AFR and am thrilled to meet you!

    I just listened to your interview on AFR and had to send you a note as I'd like to join your stitching journey.

    I am 62, have always lived in The Bahamas apart from a 3 year stint at The University of York in England. I am an Orthodox Christian, my mother was born in Tarpon Springs, I married a Scotsman, I was/am a teacher, I have visited Inverness, Dornoch, Brora MANY times, and even taught quilt making at the Timespan Art Centre in Helmsdale. I feel we have a lot in common; most of all our love of Christ and our Holy Orthodox Faith, and stitching! I am a quilter and will probably incorporate the 55 sayings of Fr. Thomas Hopko in a quilt of some sort.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    With love in Christ,

    Maria Chisnall


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